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Covid Related Information

Isolation notes:

Please see below the isolation note that you can provide to your employers if you are isolating with symptoms of COVID 19 or if you are isolating due to a family member having symptoms of COVID 19

Click here for important information to keep you safe while isolating at home

Exemption from face covering:

If you are exempt from wearing a face mask, please follow the below link to download an exemption from face covering badge to your mobile.

However if you are exempt from wearing a mask, please do let the reception team know at the surgery so that we can document this on your notes to alert members of staff that you are exempt from wearing a face mask. 

As of the 27th of June, you are no longer required to wear a face mask into the surgery. You may wear this on if you have respiratory symptoms. 

How the surgery is running during the Covid Pandemic:

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the way the surgery runs has changed. This is to help prevent the spread of coronavirus disease and make it safe environment for patients and staff. Please see below video a short video which will explain why we are operating the way we are.

Please note if you wish to contact the surgery please contact us via phone on 01254 584888, or you could email us on, however if your query is urgent then please contact the surgery.

Covid Vaccine:

Dear Patient,

We are receiving a lot of phonecalls about the covid vaccination schedule. Please be assured that you will be called when it is your turn for your first covid vaccine.

If you are waiting for the 2nd covid vaccine, please do not contact the surgery. We will contact you when you are due for your next covid vaccine and will arrange this appointment for you.

Easing of Social distancing and wearing masks from 19th July

Dear patients,

Mask wearing will become optional from 19th of July 2021 as per government guidelines announced recently in the news. However, we must stress that the same guidance suggests caution and recommends ongoing wearing of masks in closed spaces, small areas and where vulnerable people will be present.

As you will often be in close proximity of our clinicans when you come to us, we will continue to ask patients to wear masks on our premises until further notice. This is to minimise disruption to our service and ensure those most vulnerable are still protected when accessing care. We ask that everyone should maintain social distancing, use masks and observe hand hygiene. Whilst Covid-19, especially the Delta Variant is widespread in our community the advice is to continue to protect our patients, ourselves and our colleagues. We will closely monitor the situation and will share any formal guidance and advice as it arises. (Updated on 25.07.2022)

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